Nigeria Introduces Revolutionary Meningitis Vaccine, First in the World

Nigeria has made history by becoming the first country in the world to introduce a groundbreaking meningitis vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), marking a significant milestone in global healthcare. The new meningitis vaccine (called Men5CV), offers comprehensive protection against the five major strains of meningococcal bacteria (A, C, W, Y, and X) […]

Tinubu Urges Gavi to Partner with Nigerian Vaccine Manufacturers

President Bola Tinubu has called upon Gavi, the vaccine alliance, to partner with potential Nigerian vaccine manufacturers. This appeal was made during a meeting held at the State House in Abuja on Thursday, where President Tinubu engaged with a delegation from Gavi led by its Chief Executive Officer, Sania Nishtar. Highlighting the critical importance of […]

Gaza hospital in ruins after two-week Israeli raid

Israel’s military says it has pulled out of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City after a two-week military operation that has destroyed much of the hospital complex. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), troops “killed terrorists” and found “numerous weapons and intelligence documents” in the area. The raid happened after Israel said it had intelligence […]

19 Injured Students Discharged, Four Undergoing Treatment

Nineteen students of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, who sustained injuries during the stampede that occurred last Friday, have been discharged from medical care. However, the state government has confirmed that two students tragically lost their lives in the incident, while four others are still undergoing treatment. In a text message to Channels Television on Sunday, […]

Prince and Princess Touched by Global Support Following Catherine’s Diagnosis

A spokesperson from Kensington Palace has conveyed the gratitude of the Prince and Princess of Wales for the outpouring of support and kind messages they have received following Catherine’s cancer diagnosis. The statement issued on Saturday also expressed appreciation for the public’s understanding of their request for privacy during this challenging time. In her video […]

Princess of Wales Catherine Discloses Cancer Diagnosis Journey

In a recent video address, the Princess of Wales, Catherine, disclosed that she has commenced treatment following a recent cancer diagnosis. Expressing her astonishment at the news after navigating through a particularly challenging period, she conveyed a resolute tone, emphasizing her current well-being and gradual strengthening with each passing day. While specific details regarding the […]

Potential of Crispr Technology in Eradicating HIV Virus

Scientists have reported a breakthrough in HIV treatment, claiming to have effectively removed the virus from infected cells using Crispr gene-editing technology, which earned its creators a Nobel Prize. Operating like molecular scissors, Crispr edits DNA to excise or deactivate problematic segments. While the ultimate goal is to completely eliminate HIV from the body, further […]

Afe Babalola Hospital Pushes for Tax-Free Medical Gear to Transform Healthcare

 The Chief Medical Director of Afe Babalola University Multi-System Hospital (AMSH) in Ado Ekiti, Dr. Kolawole Ogundipe, has urged the Federal Government to remove taxes on imported medical equipment to enhance healthcare delivery quality. Ogundipe emphasized that such exemptions would assist hospitals in procuring necessary equipment at affordable rates. He made these remarks during a […]

Alabama Lawmakers Pass Bill to Protect IVF Clinics

Alabama lawmakers have approved a bill aimed at safeguarding in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics and practitioners from legal repercussions and criminal charges. The state’s supreme court recently decided that frozen embryos should possess the same rights as children, holding individuals accountable for their destruction. Following the ruling, at least three IVF clinics halted their treatments, causing […]

Norwegian Monarch King Harald Returns Home After Pacemaker Install

Norway’s King Harald has been discharged from a hospital in Malaysia after undergoing the installation of a pacemaker during his holiday illness. Continuing his recovery, the 87-year-old monarch will return to a Norwegian hospital, according to a statement from the royal palace. During his two-week sick leave, Crown Prince Haakon will act as regent, assuming […]