Federal Judges Halt Key Aspects of Biden’s Student Loan Repayment Plan Amid Legal Challenges

Two federal court judges in Kansas and Missouri have halted parts of the Biden administration’s student loan repayment plan introduced last year, which aims to lower borrowers’ monthly payments and expedite debt forgiveness. The injunctions stem from lawsuits filed by Republican-led states, claiming that the administration exceeded its authority with the SAVE (Saving on a […]

Louisiana Mandates Ten Commandments Display in Public School Classrooms

Louisiana has become the first US state to mandate that every public school classroom, from elementary to university level, must display a poster of the Ten Commandments. Governor Jeff Landry signed the Republican-backed measure into law on Wednesday, citing the commandments as “the foundational documents of our state and national government.” The new law is […]

Students Stage Walkout During VCU Graduation Over Governor’s Speech

During the graduation ceremony at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) on Saturday, a significant number of students staged a walkout, reportedly in response to the appearance of the state governor, Glenn Youngkin, as the commencement speaker. The protest reflects ongoing tensions surrounding campus demonstrations and, more broadly, concerns over the Israel-Gaza conflict. This incident occurs amid […]

Columbia University Cancels May 15 Commencement Ceremony

Columbia University has announced the cancellation of its university-wide commencement ceremony originally set for May 15. Many graduating seniors have faced disruptions to milestone events like high school graduations due to the pandemic. In a statement released Monday morning, the university explained its decision to prioritize Class Days and school-level ceremonies. “Based on input from […]

University Graduations Amid Ongoing Pro-Palestinian Protests

As graduation season approaches, universities across the United States are bracing for potential disruptions amid ongoing pro-Palestinian protests. This weekend, four universities that have been at the center of pro-Palestinian demonstrations will host graduation ceremonies. Meanwhile, other institutions, such as Columbia University, have planned graduations throughout May and into June. In anticipation of possible protests, […]

Crisis at UCLA: Confrontations at Pro-Palestinian Encampment

Tensions flared at UCLA late Tuesday as confrontations erupted at a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus. The clashes persisted for over two hours, stretching into the early hours of Wednesday, as law enforcement was initially absent from the scene, as reported by  KABC. Amidst the chaos, altercations intensified, with individuals subjected to physical assault and makeshift […]

NYPD Apprehends Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators at Columbia University

In a dramatic turn of events at Columbia University, the NYPD apprehended numerous pro-Palestinian demonstrators who had taken over Hamilton Hall and the encampment on Tuesday night. Around 9 p.m., the NYPD arrived on campus in response to what they perceived as an escalation in the threat level. According to police, external agitators were exacerbating […]

Protesters Seize Columbia University Building in Support of Palestine

Activists Supporting Palestine Occupy Columbia University Building in Protest Against Gaza Conflict In a demonstration against the ongoing conflict in Gaza, pro-Palestine demonstrators at Columbia University have taken control of Hamilton Hall, an academic building on campus. Dozens of activists initiated the occupation early on Tuesday and have since barricaded themselves inside the facility. As […]

Arrests at College Campuses: Advocating for Gaza Boycotts

As student protests against the conflict in Gaza persist, hundreds more individuals were arrested at college campuses across the US on Saturday, including Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. The demonstrators are advocating for institutional boycotts of entities with connections to Israel. However, concerns have been raised about alleged antisemitic incidents involving some protesters, as […]