Adamawa Hoodlums Loot Food, Non-food Items Belonging To NEMA And State Govt From Warehouse 

Prof. Kaletapwa Farauta, the deputy governor of Adamawa State, has described how hoodlums broke into three warehouses on Sunday.
In the early hours of Sunday, a few young individuals stormed into warehouses in the state and stole food and non-food supplies that belonged to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the state government.
Since the looting, Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Finitiri has imposed a curfew.
The Adamawa State Police Command also said that 44 individuals had been detained.
Speaking on the Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, the deputy governor said: “Two warehouses were attacked in Yola, the state capital, while one was attacked in Numan Local Government Area.
“The NEMA stores and state government warehouse attacked in Yola are within the same axis.
“They drilled holes in the wall of the warehouses, they didn’t break the doors.”
She dismissed the insinuation that the warehouses were looted as a result of the hunger in the land, adding, “hardship in Adamawa is not an exception.
“There is hunger all over the country. It’s a general hardship on citizens of Nigeria.”
Prof. Farauta further rejected the assertion that the food stolen was what the government had planned to give to lessen the impact of subsidy removal.
She stated that the state government’s required palliatives had yet to come and that, even before to the attacks, plans had been taken to mitigate the effects of the subsidy removal.
She said that there would be an in-depth review of the curfew on Monday morning and gave an indication that it would shortly be lifted.
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