DNetwork is a conglomerate of businesses. The umbrella body, which is a TV programming,
seeks to showcase burning issues that would be of immense benefit to men and women;
young and old; and the society at large. Global issues of general interest, ranging from
politics and economics; to fashion, entertainment; childhood and adolescent development;
spirituality, among others.

Hence, this platform is committed to bringing to its audience, burning global issues; perceptions and
views of professional; and experts from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds and
diverse fields of human endeavors, with a view to giving them a voice; and educating the
teeming population within the purview of its vision and mission. Besides, the platform is
committed to bringing to the fore, the rising aspirations and yearning of the people.


To contribute to World Information System without any biases.


To balance reportage; and promote the interest of the global population; irrespective of
gender, culture, and religion affiliations.